How can I help my students succeed?  

How can I create a positive classroom community?  

Where can I find simple solutions to my daily classroom challenges?

Welcome, educator! I have asked these questions myself many times over the years. We all want to create a positive classroom community where students can learn and thrive, but sometimes we struggle with HOW to do it with so many daily tasks. I am here to help.

I've spent my 29 year career researching and implementing interventions to not only help students improve personal behavior, but also motivate students to want to excel in school. I have taught thousands of teachers across the US in my live seminars, but I also see the need for virtual PD that allows educators much needed flexibility. I have created each of these courses for the K-12 educator who needs quick, simple, proven strategies that can be implemented NOW. My criteria when searching for strategies that work - practical and free.  

Click on the courses below to get specific information for each one and let me help you....

Teach hard. Love harder.

Amie has worked with thousands of teachers across the U.S. and is thrilled to be able to impact students’ lives by sharing interventions that increase teacher effectiveness. With over 29 years in education, as a teacher, behavior interventionist and classroom coach, Amie has built a great ‘toolbox’ for motivating and managing even the most challenging students.

Amie is the author of two books for elementary aged children, Your Happy Heart and There's No Dream Too Tall. Both books and Classroom Activity Bundles can be purchased at or Amazon.